PAF Casino celebrates big jackpot winner

At PAF Casino they actually want people to win as often and as big as possible and last week one lucky player came away with more than he would have ever dreamt – being another big jackpot winner. Of course you can try your luck at PAF Casino with one of their great welcome bonuses:

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When logging on to our account, we all hope for that big jackpot win, but few will have ever expected to have come away with over a million euros. However, that is exactly what one man from Finland did last week with PAF Casino.

What do you think you would do if you won such a jackpot? It's all well and good considering what you'd do if you got the money, but you're never going to know unless you sign up to PAF Casino and play along! So don't delay as you could be the next person sitting at home in stunned disbelief at the life-changing fortune that you have just got your hands on.

Another huge jackpot winner

Indeed, the 30-year-old from Western Finland, who preferred not to be name, walked away with €3.246 million after winning big on one game last Tuesday (October 22nd). He was playing the slots game Mega Fortune and had staked €5 in the game, only to receive a 640,000 fold return on his investment – not bad for a day's work, even for a jackpot winner!

Unsurprisingly, after he was told how much he had won, the Finnish man was sceptical even thinking that a hacker had done something to the site, rather than believing that he had received such a huge jackpot. However, he soon received the verification that he was after from the PAF Casino helpdesk and he could start celebrating and planning what to do with his fortune. You can also try your luck at PAF Casino with one of their great welcome bonuses:

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How is the jackpot winner going to spend his winnings?

Despite still being in shock, the lucky gamer told us he would like to invest some of the money wisely to ensure that it goes a long way. He will also be renovating part of his home and buying some new camera equipment so he can develop his passion for photography. Wouldn't you like to be the next lucky player to walk away with €3.2 million or more:

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